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Christian Education

The Christian Education program at Christ Church Preschool and Kindergarten uses the Godly Play curriculum as a creative way to teach the stories of the Bible to our Three-Year-Old, Four-Year-Old, and Kindergarten students. Before the lesson begins, children are taught to be still and listen for God. After the lesson, children are led into a time of “wondering”. “Wondering” is an important piece of the Godly Play curriculum, because it allows the children to connect to the stories and apply them to their lives. Students enjoy the chance to learn more about the people and events in the Bible and how they relate to our lives.

Navigators at play


Four-Year-Old and Kindergarten students participate in a Chapel service every other week, during which a member of the Christ Church clergy officiates a small formal service. Students listen to a Bible story, sing songs, and have the opportunity to ask the clergy questions. Classes also take turns assisting in the Chapel service by lighting candles and carrying the cross.

All School Chapel

Once a month all CCK children gather together in All Saints’ Hall for our All School Chapel. Children, Toddlers-Kindergarteners, are led by the Christ Church Clergy  in singing songs and learning more about God’s love for us.


Music allows for self-expression and exploration. At CCK, our goal is to make music fun by using songs, movement, and creative expression. Once a week, our music teacher visits each classroom to teach and share songs with students. Three-Year-Old, Four-Year-Old and Kindergarten students also work during the year to prepare for musical performances.

Learning Center

The Learning Center at CCK is filled with books, puzzles, audio-visual resources, posters, puppets, and manipulatives of all types. Each Three-Year-Old, Four-Year-Old, and Kindergarten class visits the Learning Center twice per month. Our Two-Year-Olds visit the Learning Center once a month and Toddler classes visit once a month starting in January. When classes visit the Learning Center, the teachers read and discuss a story and lead them in a hands-on activity related to the story. Children learn literary terms such as author and illustrator, fiction and non-fiction. After the lesson, children are able to choose a book to check out and keep in the classroom until their next visit to the Learning Center. Resources in the Learning Center are available for teachers to use in their classrooms to keep the classroom materials fresh and new, as well as provide a wide variety of experiences for the children.


Children are naturally curious and our Science Lab is a place where children learn through exploration, experimentation, demonstration, stories and hands-on activities. At CCK Three-Year-Old, Four-Year- Old and Kindergarten students visit the Science Lab twice a month for an instructional lesson and time of exploration. Two-Year-Olds visit the Science Lab twice monthly starting in late Fall to explore as well. Time in the Science Lab helps children learn skills such as observation, classification, prediction, and experimentation.

Creative Movement

Claudette Miller, creator and teacher of Creative Movement, instructs our Three-Year-Old and Four-Year- Old  students in learning through the art of movement. This program is specifically designed to help children develop gross motor skills, listening skills, “gentle hands,” imagination and a warm heart through creative play and exercise. Literature, props, poetry and seasonal themes are the focus of fun and age-appropriate movement lessons. As children learn to move and move to learn, emphasis is placed on sharing space, self-control, balance, core strength, listening, following directions, problem solving, critical thinking, patterns and sequencing.

My Gym

Our Toddler through Kindergarten classes participate in My Gym classes to work on gross motor skills, body control and listening. Once a month, My Gym’s staff brings their movement rich program to CCK. Two-Year-Olds through Kindergarten begin in September and Toddlers begin in January.