Christ Church Preschool & Kindergarten

Three-Year-Old Program

Our Three-Year-Old curriculum focuses on instilling a love of learning in a safe and happy environment by encouraging students to use their natural inclination for discovery. During the Three-Year-Old year teachers continue to encourage each child to strengthen his/her independence and self-help skills. Our Three-Year-Olds develop social and emotional skills as they learn to play cooperatively with others and communicate within the classroom. New concepts such as letters, numbers and calendar math are introduced during Circle Time and centers. Our Three-Year-Old teachers introduce students to a letter of the week and children enjoy bringing in items from home that begin with that letter. Artwork, story time and center play integrate the curriculum’s learning objectives throughout the school day. Children participate in recess each day to develop gross motor skills. Special Area classes for this age group include Music, My Gym, Creative Movement, Christian Education, Science Lab, and Learning Center.

Teacher/Student Ratio 2:12-14.

Navigators at play

Developmental Goals for Threes

To promote Christian values by encouraging sharing, confidence, independence, and kindness.

To surround children in a happy, loving and nurturing learning environment.

To promote Self-Help/Independent Behaviors:

  • Washes hands independently
  • Unpacks and packs up lunch items independently
  • Drinks from a cup independently
  • Cleans up area after lunch and center time
  • Helps to put toys away in the correct location
  • Carries and hangs up personal belongings
  • Recognizes own belongings and takes care of them
  • Able to manage bathroom needs independently

To promote Social/Emotional & Language Development:

  • Learns to play with peers, share and communicate
  • Develops a positive self-image
  • Develops self-control
  • Shows curiosity and a desire to learn and play
  • Participates in classroom routines/expectations
  • Learns to become independent with self-help skills and daily routines
  • Transitions smoothly from one activity to another
  • Initiates/participates in play with peers
  • Responds positively to adult guidance
  • Speaks clearly enough for teachers and peers to understand
  • Develops listening skills
  • Learns to understand and follow at least two-step directions
  • Uses complete phrases to communicates wants, feelings and wishes (i.e. I am hungry, When is lunch?)
  • Asks and answers questions
  • Develops a willingness to try new activities
  • Develops creative expression through drama, music and play
  • Develops language and listening skills through conversation, literature and following directions.

To promote Cognitive Development:

  • Counts to 10
  • Identifies basic colors & shapes
  • Understands concepts of size, positional words, and opposites
  • Able to identify body parts
  • Recognizes first name
  • Attentive during group activities and independent work time
  • Shows curiosity and desire to learn

To promote Physical Development:

  • Engages in physical activity

  • Engages in playground activities

  • Participates in gross motor movements (runs, jumps, climbs)

  • Walks up and down stairs alternating feet

  • Uses scissors to cut on a line

  • Learns to hold crayons, markers, and pencils, working towards a tri-pod grip

  • Works puzzles and uses classroom manipulatives

  • Learns to zip and unzip clothing

Typical Three-Year-Old Daily Schedule

  • Arrival/Free Play/Manipulatives
  • Morning Meeting
  • Centers
  • Clean-up
  • Circle Time: Letter of the Week, Calendar, Storytime
  • Lunch
  • Playground
  • Dismissal