Easter Egg Hunt

Following the 11:15 am worship services, children will proceed directly from the services to hunt eggs, so please bring basket(s) to the service.

Don’t have anyone hunting eggs but want to help? We are grateful for individually-wrapped candy donations, which can be dropped off at the church offices any time. Please contact Kathryn Saunders at saundersk@christchurchcharlotte.org with questions.

Easter At-Home Activities

Here are some fun resources for you and your family to use as you prepare for and celebrate Easter Sunday.

PALM SUNDAY CROSS: Check out this video to learn how to make your own Palm Sunday Cross from a palm frond. Click here for a different method. Don’t have a palm frond? Here’s a way to make crosses from paper!

RESURRECTION GARDEN: Start this project on Good Friday and watch as your children participate in creating a visual reminder of Jesus’ resurrection. Click here for details. If you’re interested in another variation, check that out here.

RESURRECTION ROLLS: This is a fun and delicious way to teach the story of the resurrection. Also known as Empty Tomb Rolls, this recipe involves crescent rolls, marshmallows, butter, cinnamon and sugar. Click here to access this easy activity! If you would like to see a video option, check it out here.

JELLY BEAN PRAYER: A “sweet” prayer for little ones to remind them of the importance of Easter. (Include jelly beans for maximum effect!)

RED is for the blood Christ gave
GREEN is for the grass God made
YELLOW is for the sun so bright
ORANGE is for the edge of night
BLACK is for the sins that were made
WHITE is for the grace Christ gave
PURPLE is for the hour of sorrow
PINK is for a new tomorrow

EASTER SCAVENGER HUNT: A fun way to guide your kiddo(s) to their Easter basket. Click here for a link with details and free printable cards.

EASTER CRAFTS: Check out these fun ideas for some at-home crafts!

Finger Puzzle (Part 1)
Finger Puzzle (Part 2)
Resurrection Eggs for Preschoolers
Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers

 Happiest Easter to all!

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