ECW Friendship Feast: Connecting the DOTS

Connecting the DOTS (Divine/Others/Together/Service) – All women are invited to the 2023 ECW Friendship Feast for an evening filled with inspiration, delicious food, and a celebration of friendship. Come on your own or rally your friends for a table together (eight seats per table). Register ($25 per person) today! First time at a Friendship Feast? Please request to sit at the Newcomer Table when you register.

The words below announced the inaugural start of the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) in 1871. Over 150 years later, we continue the same mission locally, nationally, and internationally.

“What we do seek is to quicken the Missionary spirit, and then to urge it to prompt and generous action. We want your gifts of time, of strength, of intellect, not for ourselves, but for our Master. Lastly, there are hundreds more, earnest, faithful, devoted women, who would be cheered and whose hands would be strengthened, if they could only know what is being done by their sisters in the Church, and could see their offerings, small and insignificant as they seem, increased and multiplied by union with the gifts of others.”



Tuesday, October 17


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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All Saints' Hall


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