Plan a Funeral

Funeral Services at Christ Church

The information on this page is designed to answer the most common questions that parishioners have when planning a funeral for a loved one. If you have other questions or concerns, we are happy to assist you. Please call 704-333-0378.

Services Offered

We offer the following services free-of-charge:

  • Use of the Church for Funeral Service: You are welcome to use our church for the funeral service of your loved one.
  • Memorial Garden/Interment of Ashes: We provide a serene memorial garden for the interment of ashes.
  • Service Bulletins: We offer service bulletins to help guide attendees through the ceremony.
  • Funeral Service Ushers: Our ushers will assist during the service to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Room for Family Gathering: We have a dedicated space for your family to gather before the service.
  • Reception Following the Service: Our Caring Guild hosts receptions with cookies, small pastries, lemonade, and water. Learn more about this ministry below.

Caring Guild Receptions

The Caring Guild at Christ Church is a group of dedicated volunteers who provide receptions after funerals. Their goal is to comfort grieving families and allow them to receive friends without worry. The reception includes water, lemonade, cookies, brownies, and more*. This service is provided free of charge thanks to the support of our parishioners’ pledges.

*We maintain a consistent reception menu to ensure equality and avoid any perception of favoritism. We do not allow additional catering to maintain this policy.

Altar Flowers

Families supply flowers for the altar and often a centerpiece for the reception. The urn liner size for our altar flower urns is 4R. Flowers can be ordered from a florist of your choice. We most often work with these florists:

  • Blossom Shop: 704-372-4447
  • Charlotte’s Garden: 704-353-5353
  • Elizabeth House: 704-342-3919




Fees & Honorariums

Though not required, an honorarium gift for clergy is suggested.

  • Clergy (applied to the Rector’s/Associate Rector’s Discretionary Fund) $150-250

If desired, the following may be offered at the service for an additional fee:

  • Organist: A fee of $250 is requested, applied to the Music Ministry Fund of Christ Church.
  • AV Support/Live Streaming: Audio support and live streaming of the funeral service is $150-$300.
  • Plaque for Memorial Garden: A plaque for the memorial garden wall can be obtained for $225.
  • Sexton Fee: For Saturday or Sunday funerals, a sexton fee of $100 is applicable.
  • Violinist or vocalist: $200-$300.



  • Robertson Funeral & Cremation Service: 704-752-7710
  • Kenneth W. Poe Funeral & Cremation Service: 704-641-7606
  • Hankins & Whittington Funeral Home: 704-333-6116